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Booking Calendar Plugin for WordPress

There are many Booking Systems for WordPress out there. With the Advanced Booking Calendar Plugin we target owners of independent accommodations, who want to manage their bookings on their own website. Because it’s the best way to keep costs for OTAs low.

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What makes this plugin the perfect Booking System?
Field proven. Fully integrated. Professional.

Analytics Integration

Every booking request is being tracked – even the unsuccessful ones. These informations as well as the occupancy rate are aggregated for an optimized analyses. So you can easily see when your real high and low seasons are.

Price & Rate Management

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your prices and rates. Just create rates for a season and assign the season to a calendar.
You gain time to focus an your Business.

Go International

The plugin is in English and also to 100% translated to German. You can easily translate the content in other languages.

Manage Bookings via email

You have probably received a booking while you were not sitting at a desk. You had to open your booking system, log in, check if everything is ok and then accept the booking request. With ABC you can do all that on your phone by getting all these information in one email.

Made for Mobile

For travel websites most of the users are using their mobile device. That’s why both the forms, booking calendars and the WordPress administration are made for mobile usage.

PayPal Integration

To offer an easy service for your guest the Plugin integrates with PayPal. All bookings get confirmed and you don’t have to worry about the payments. (Pro Version)

Synchronize calendars via iCal

Your WordPress booking system is the central hub for your bookings. You can use our iCal feature to import and export bookings to your website.

Support Team

We want to be user driven, so we try to support you as best we can. You will get support straight from the developers of this plugin.

Hosted on your Website

This WordPress plugin is hosted on your website, so you own the data. There is no way for us to access your bookings or lock you out on your own system.

Integrations with the best services for your Hotel Website*

*Some Integrations only available in the Pro Version.

Field proven Booking System for WordPress

Since the beginning in 2016 we worked closely with property owners.

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