• Email
    Check this email address carefully, since all booking requests will be sent to this address.
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  • Page with bookingform
    You can select a page where you have placed the bookingform shortcode.You have to add the shortcode [abc-bookingform] manually to this page. The page will be linked, if user selects dates on the single calendar shortcode. If you have not created a bookingform page yet, just ignore this setting. You can come back later and edit the link.
  • Currency
    Enter the currency code you are going to bill in.
  • Date format
    Please select a date format that fits you best. It’s going to be used by all calendars and by the bookingform.
  • Price format
    The price format is used at all times, when prices are shown.
  • Cookies
    This plugin can use Browser Cookies, if you want to. Inputs the user does in the booking form regarding his stay are being stored in a cookie for 6 month. No personal informations are stored, only dates and number of guests. If the user later returns to your site, the dates are automatically set.
  • Google Analytics
    If you use Google Universal Analytics to track visitors on your page, you should activate this setting. Once activated, every calendar use is being tracked. So you can see which month is most frequently checked.
    The use of the bookingform is also tracked. It shows whether or not a visitor got a search result and if the next booking step was reached or if a booking request was sent. This is a great way to integrate Google AdWords remarketing feature.
    Again: you need an active Google Univeral Analytics account and the tracking code has to be integrated within your website. This setting does not add a tracking code to your site, it just activates the tracking. There are betters plugins to do this job, such as this one.