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Get a state of the art Booking System for your independent accommodation.

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Features the Pro Version adds:

iCal Import and Export
Synch your calendar with other websites using iCal. Enable an iCal export of your confirmed bookings for each calendar (just edit an existing calendar). Customize the content of the ical files by using the placeholders just like in the emails.
Stripe Integration (Credit Card)

Stripe is an easy way to accept credit card. After the credit card details are entered and validated bookings get automatically confirmed.

You can enter your Payment Credentials, select the currency and activate or deactivate the Stripe Test Environment.

PayPal Gateway

You can now offer PayPal payments to your guests. A valid and paid booking is set to ‘confirmed’ automatically. Just enter your PayPal API credentials and you are ready to go.

Payment Fees
Your guests want to pay via PayPal but you don’t like their payment fees? Just let your guest decide if an additional fee is worth using PayPal or Stripe.

  • Fee type for each payment type: no fees, relative, absolute.
  • Fee value
Discount Codes
Use Discount Codes to raise the number of consecutive nights per stay by offering Discounts at a certain number of nights. Just use the new Coupon feature and start promoting your accommodation with Coupons.

  • Name of the discount (The name will be shown in the booking form)
  • Type of calculation, absolute/flat or relative/by percentage
  • Discount Value, enter the value of the discount. It will be applied to extras and room costs.
  • Valid from/to
  • Code (This code has to be entered by the user in the booking form)
  • Number of times the code can be redeemed, once/multiple times
  • Minimum Number of Nights, limits the discount to a minimum number of nights. Leave empty to set no limit
  • Calendars, select the calendars the coupon is valid for
Custom Inputs
The Pro Version offers you three custom inputs for your booking form. Just activate them in the settings, name them anything you want and decide whether they are optional or mandatory. They will be shown in the booking list and you can use them in the email templates.
Disable the dropdown for number of guests
With a click of a button you can disable the dropdown for the number of guests in the forms.
Discount by Length of Stay
You can add discounts which will be applied automatically when a given number of nights is reached.

  • Minimum Number of Nights
  • Type of calculation, absolute/flat or relative/by percentage
  • Discount Value, enter the value of the discount
  • Calendars, select the calendars the discount is valid for
Combine Extras with calendars
If you have some Extras, which are not available in certain rooms, you can now manage them at will. Just tick the check boxes for each calendar and the extra will only show up for those rooms.
HTML Emails
The Pro Version lets you create nicer emails which you can configure just like a post using HTML tags.
Automatically add your guests to your MailChimp list and send them personal newsletters. When configuring the integration you have two options: Use double-opt-in or not and show a checkbox in the booking form or sign the guests up automatically. You can also change the text of the label for the subscribe-checkbox.
If you don’t know MailChimp, take a look here.
Send timed Emails to your Guests
Create Reminder and Feedback Emails which will be sent before the guests arrival or after his departure. You define how many days before or after a stay the Emails will be send and of course their content.

  • Subject for Reminder/Feedback emails
  • Text for Reminder/Feedback emails
  • Days before/after bookings starts/ends when the email should be send
  • Buttons to deactivate and activate Reminder/Feedback emails
Unlimited Extras and Rooms
If you have some Extras, which are not available in certain rooms, you can now manage them at will.
The number of Extras and Rooms is not limited in the Pro Version. Create as many as you want..