Hotel Theme – Hotel Hamburg

Hotel Hamburg is a suitable WordPress theme for hotels, resorts and other room reservation service. It is compatible with Advanced Booking Calendar plugin.

It is suitable for any kind of accommodation like Hotels, BnBs, vacation rentals, Motels or holiday apartments.

Features of the WordPress theme Hotel Hamburg:
  • Homepage with a great slider
  • Integrate with the Advanced Booking Calendar plugin to show a booking form right on the startpage
  • Use Google Maps to show your location
  • Highlight your best reviews in the testimonial section
Setting up the home page:
  • Create a page called “Home Page”, under “Page Attributes” metabox, choose page template “Home Page”.
  • Go to “Settings” -> “Reading”, select static page in “Front page displays”, in Front Page choose “Home Page”
  • Go to “Appearance” -> “Widgets”, add widgets in “Home Widget Area”.
  • There are custom widgets “Rooms”, “Location”, “Testimonials”. Add them to the “Home Widget Area” as you like.
  • To add “Testimonials”, click on “Select Category” in the widget fields. Three posts from that category will be displayed as testimonials. Post title is displayed as name and post content is displayed as testimonial.
  • To add a Google Maps, add this code:

    <iframe width=”580″ height=”376″ frameborder=”0″  src=”
    [NAME_OF_LOCATION]&key=[API_KEY]“></iframe>Replace [NAME_OF_LOCATION] with the name/address of your location and [API_KEY] with your Google Maps API key. You can get one here:
  • Slider pages: Create pages, choose an image as featured image and select these pages in the customizer as slider pages.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question.

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