Why is there no “Book now” button on the single calendar?

The button is only showing up when the booking page is set.
Please do the following:

  • Go to the settings of the plugin
  • Select the booking page right next to “Page with booking form” (The selected page has to have the booking form shortcode [abc-bookingform] )
  • Save the settings

If that’s not working, change the “Page with booking form” to any other page, save the settings, change it back to the booking page, save again.

Can I set specific days as arrival days?

That’s not possible at the moment. You can not set a day like Saturday to be the only checkin date. It might become a feature in the future.

Can I limit the booking form to a specific calendar?

No, sorry. The booking form uses all available calendars. But there is a workaround: You can use the single calendar for selecting dates and use this shortcode on your booking page: [abc-bookingform hide_other=”1″]

Then the form will only show the selected calendar and no other calendars.

Why am I not receiving any emails?

The plugin uses the WordPress email function. So please make sure your WordPress is properly configured for sending emails. Take a look at this tutorial, it might help.

How can I limit extras to specific calendars?

You can do that easily in the Pro Version. Just select the calendars you want the extra to show up for, click save and you are done.

How do I add charges for additional guests?

Let’s say you charge $ 100 if a room is booked by one guest. For two persons the room would be $ 110 and for three persons $ 120.
So you create a calendar with a $ 100 pricing and allow up to three persons to stay in that room. To add the additional charges, you will need to create two mandatory extras. One with persons = 2 and a $ 10 price per night (not per person and night!), another one with persons = 3 and also a $ 10 price per night (again:not per person and night!). Be sure to make them mandatory.

How do I block time periods?

The easiest way to block a curtain period is to create a booking for that timeframe.

I purchased the Pro Version. Where can I find the download link and the license?

Both download link and license are part of an email send to you after you purchased the Pro Version.

If the download links are expired, please login here.
After you successfully logged in you can find your downloads here.

How do I install the Pro Version?

You can just simply upload the file to your plugins in WordPress.
Note if you are upgrading from the Basic Version:
Please upgrade to the newest version of the “Advanced Booking Calendar”. Then check if “Delete Data on Uninstall” is disabled in the settings of the plugin. Afterwards deactivate the Basic Version then upload and install the Pro Version by uploading it.